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have i told you guys about that one time i had to do a presentation on class but i was being a lazy fuck so i just copied one i found on the internet and presented it but the whole time my teacher was giving me weird glares ok so after i was done i realized the work i copied had my university watermark on it but like from years ago long story short i had copied my teacher’s work when he was a student and presented it to him years later





"Had sex with"

"She first slept with"

"would have regular intercourse"

"three counts of sexual intercourse"

A Nation run by Feminists… where a grown woman can fuck an eight year old boy repeatedly and the word “Rape” isn’t mentioned once.

Why? Because thanks to Feminists what she did isn’t considered rape.

And another Woman reaps the benefits of Feminist driven policy. Even if that means she can fuck/molest an eight year old boy repeatedly over the course of two years and get out a year after being sentenced.

this article was written by Kieran Corcoran, a quick google search revealing him to be a man. it was a man who believed that a boy couldn’t be raped by a woman, because a lot of men don’t believe that to be possible.

feminists are trying to work against that notion but it’s hard to do that when you keep blaming them for a thing that is a condition of a patriarchal society.

seriously, believing men can’t be raped is a result of misogynism, because women are “weak” and can’t hurt anyone, it stems from the same place that makes men think it’s cute when a girl’s angry, “Calm down sweetie.” Feminists care about all rape victims, don’t you dare pin this on us.

I am a feminist and I’m here to tell you that any real feminist would never condone this, and would certainly never just call it “sexual intercourse”. This is rape. And 8 year old child cannot consent. Period.

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